APMDC has implemented several Healthcare projects in and around its project areas and has established healthcare infrastructure in the remote regions by constructing Hospital and providing 2 mobile medical units (MMU) in tribal areas.

  1. Construction of Hospital in Mangampet for free treatment for villagers and provision of 24×7 ambulance services
  2. Mobile medical units (MMUs) for healthcare penetration into inaccessible region for benefit of remote tribal villages
  3. Free monthly Health-camps and consultation with Specialist doctors for benefit of villages in vicinity of project
  4. Daily anti-mosquito fogging around mine areas to prevent epidemics and reduce occurrence of dengue, malaria etc.

Mobile Medical Units – APMDC’s innovative method for healthcare penetration into remote tribal communities

MMUs can effectively be deployed in areas with limited or a complete lack of access to healthcare facilities. The conventional healthcare facilities such as hospitals are ineffective in these areas due to several challenges:

  1. Very remote areas including tribal areas, conflict affected areas, hilly terrains with low population density and rough terrain
  2. Unavailability of doctors, nurses etc. due to remote locations and lack of infrastructure
  3. The small communities and sparse geographical distributions makes the cost of conventional healthcare facilities prohibitive
  4. Lack of awareness in the remote communities regarding healthcare and sanitation

The Mobile medical units (MMUs) are able to tackle these challenges and provide quality healthcare in the remote regions

MMUs are highly cost effective and provide treatment to around 2000 patients per month in very remote regions at average per patient cost of INR 600. The per patient cost for MMU is almost half of that for conventional medical facilities.

APMDC MMUs have brought about drastic reductions in diseases incidence and have improved healthcare levels in the villages:

  1. Provision of healthcare facilities to remote communities previously without access to any medical facility
  2. Screening facilities have enabled early detection and improved prognosis for diseases such as Malaria, Dengue, Japanese Encephalitis etc.
  3. Increased medical access to pregnant women has reduced infant and maternal mortality rates and occurrences of low birth weight
  4. Increased awareness regarding preventive measures/ hygiene has reduced occurrences of communicable diseases

The MMUs have provided treatment to more than 16500 patients spread across over 468 tribal and remote villages since July 2017.


10 Bedded Hospital at Mangampet, Kadapa District Andhra Pradesh

Primary Health Care Centre

APMDC has brought accessible and affordable healthcare to the local communities by setting up a modern hospital. It caters to the healthcare requirements of 10 adjoining villages. APMDC also provides free medicines, medical tests and regular medical camps to increase healthcare levels in the remote communities.

  1. Doctors and medical personnel for free treatment and preventive health measures
  2. Lab and medical testing facilities such as blood work, ECG, X-ray etc for diagnosis
  3. Monthly consultation with specialist doctors from various domains free of cost
  4. 24 x 7 ambulance services and medicines are provided free of cost

Facilities available at APMDC Health Centre

  1. 24/7 Hospital
  2. Modern Testing labs
  3. 5 Minute Digital X-Ray
  4. 4 Specialist Health Camps per month
  5. 24/7 Ambulances
  6. Daily anti-mosquito fogging around mine areas